3 effective ways to clean stainless steel barbecue grills

During the winter season, nothing is more enjoyable than barbequing at home. But to make the food taste good, it’s necessary to clean the stainless steel bbq grill in your home properly. If you use a stainless steel barbecue grill, you must know effective ways to prevent damage; this involves removing the accumulated particles from the grate or keeping the interiors clean. Using proper cleaning techniques and tips can keep the grill working for a long time.

In the cleaning process, there are three aspects: scrubbing the grates of the stainless steel barbecue grill, cleaning the interior portion, and removing the dirt from the exterior part.

Scrubbing the grill
For this, you can use baking soda in ¼ portion (around 45 g) and add an equal part of water to form a paste. Use warm water to mix the baking soda. Now apply this to the grate and let this paste stay on for minimum 20 minutes. Ensure that you cover the whole space, especially the tough stains.

You can separate the grate from the grill so that the baking soda paste can be applied properly without missing any area.

For tough stains or dirty spaces, let the paste sit on them overnight. In case you haven’t cleaned the grill for a while, you may need a more serious cleanser for thorough cleaning. Try to apply a good amount of oven cleaning spray on both sides of the grate. Now place the grate in a plastic bag and let it rest overnight. The oven cleaner will do the work well, the baking soda paste doesn’t work. Choose a cleaner which will work for grills as well as the oven.

You can use wire grill brush to clean the grate after applying the baking soda paste. Run the brush between and along the sides of the grate to eliminate all the residue and debris. Now rinse the grate with clean water and let it dry. Repeated cleaning process might be needed in case of stubborn stains and dirt debris.

Maintain the interior of the grill
The flame gamers are placed directly on the top of the burners. Food gunk buildups can obstruct the cooking process. A dry wire brush is perfectly okay to be used in such cases. After this, you can wipe the interiors with a clean paper towel. Do the cleaning when the apparatus is cool. Using the oven manual is recommended in such cases.

For ceramic burners, the brush isn’t useful. Preheat the grill for 10 minutes to remove any leftover particles and then cool it and remove with a tweezer. Soapy water can be used to clean the Venturi tubes since these are important for the grill to work efficiently. Clean the holes properly.

Grill exterior- Clean this properly
Liquid dish detergent and warm water is good for applying on the surface of a stainless steel barbecue grill, but don’t use abrasive or acidic cleaner. For the exterior part, dampen a microfiber cloth or use a soft sponge for cleaning with soapy solution. For drying, microfiber cloth must be used.

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3 effective ways to clean stainless steel barbecue grills