All you need to know about AMTRAK

All you need to know about AMTRAK

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation is named AMTRAK which provides both medium and long-distance railroad services in the United States.

AMTRAK was founded in 1971 and is partially funded by the government. It is a corporation serving the needs of the public but happens to be a for-profit organization. AMTRAK has raked in billions of dollars in revenue over the past decade. The name AMTRAK is a fusion of two words: America and Track. The AMTRAK caters to 500 destinations and has around 300 trains operating every day.

High efficiency
Having low CO2 emissions, low energy consumption per passenger mile (which is 1 mile traveled by 1 passenger) and a small death percentage, it’s no surprise that AMTRAK is amongst the most efficient modes of transport, even outclassing domestic airlines and transit buses.

There are four classes in AMTRAK trains namely:
– First class
– Sleeper class
– Business class
– Coach class

AMTRAK hacks for cheaper fares
The earlier, the better. You can get a saver ticket if you book your tickets well in advance, 14 days or more to be precise. AMTRAK ticketing works similar to that of an airline’s, the earlier you book, the cheaper.

Join guest rewards
Similar to frequent flyer programs initiated in airlines, AMTRAK has its own loyalty program named Guest Rewards. You can accumulate points upon traveling which can be used to avail discounts or even free rides.

Go online
The best prices are available online, so always look to get E-tickets rather than paper. Using the AMTRAK app, you can check the status of your train and even alter your reservation: all from your smartphone.

Follow AMTRAK on social media
Always stay up to date with any new offers or promotions that AMTRAK introduces, and the best way to do that is by following them on all social media. Seat location, time of day, the overall demands and other factors influence the price of your ticket, even if it is between the same two places that you are comparing.

The benefits of traveling with AMTRAK
The following are reasons why you must consider traveling by AMTRAK over buses or even airplanes:

Point to Point service: You no longer have to bother booking cabs from the airport to the city you want to go to. With AMTRAK riding to almost every city, you can save a lot of time and energy by only getting down where you want to.
Ample room space: You are no longer held captive by your neighboring commuter. You can stretch, relax, and feel right at home thanks to the massive cabin space that AMTRAK provides.
No extra charges: What you pay before your voyage is what you pay entirely. No additional charges are levied upon you, and what’s even better is that there are no booking fees.

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