Benefits of Q Link Wireless phones

Staying connected wherever you go has become very easy since the advent of cell phones. And with the introduction of the smartphone one can achieve more than just staying connected through calls, one can now check emails, chat online, socialize online, shop, and much more.

There is an availability of a wide range of phones and phone plans from as low as USD 3. Despite plans that are so low, there are several households in America that still don’t have access to cell phones and cell phone plans owing to the poor financial condition.

To help such individuals, the Federal Communication Commission introduced the Lifeline Assistance Program that offers free landline phones and phone plans to the eligible households. The same program benefits were extended to cell phones in 2005 as a part of which the beneficiaries get a free phone and monthly plan from one of the partner carriers they opt for. For example, if people eligible for the program choose Q Link wireless, they get free Q Link wireless phones and phone plans from the carrier. Here are some of the benefits of opting for Q Link wireless free plans:

  • Seamless coverage is very important for staying connected all the time. Q Link wireless phones get coverage in almost all the states of the US keeping every user connected all the time. Having no coverage just defeats the purpose of providing the cell phones to stay in touch. Apart from staying connected, one needs cell phone coverage in emergency situations as well to call 911.
  • With the Q Link wireless phones and free plans, the users can get 350 minutes, unlimited texting, and 500 MB – all for a month. Other features that users can enjoy as a part of the free plans include call waiting, free domestic roaming, free 911 calls, caller ID, and carry over minutes among the others.
  • If you run out of credit on your Q Link wireless phones, you can always refill it from the Q Link wireless website.

If you enjoy the Q Link Wireless services, you can always refer a friend to the carrier and get 10 free bonus minutes. Contact the carrier today to know more about the plan.

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Benefits of Q Link Wireless phones