5 best family cell phone plans for 2021

Every family needs the Internet to meet their personal, professional, and entertainment requirements. And thus, finding the best cell phone plan that suits your family’s holistic needs may take some time. Once you have figured out your family’s network needs, you can compare between different carriers. To help you out, we have listed the best cell phone family plans for 2021 that will make it easier for you to choose.

T-Mobile Magenta
T-Mobile comes with its popular unlimited data plan that is indubitably one of the best plans for families. The plan starts at $140 for four lines or $120 for three lines. The cell phone plan also comes with a free Netflix subscription, unlimited high-speed hotspot data, unlimited SD streaming, and much more. If you are in search of an even more powerful choice, T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX plan with unlimited data and 4K UHD streaming is also a good option.

Metro by T-Mobile
This is a prepaid cell phone plan that offers nationwide 5G coverage to customers. It starts at $70 for two lines and goes up to $120 for four lines.

The plan includes unlimited data, 15GB of hotspot data, 100GB of Google One cloud storage, along with an Amazon Prime membership. Besides, the four-user plan enables the unlimited streaming of millions of songs and TV shows. Lastly, all taxes are already counted within $120.

Verizon Wireless Unlimited Plans
This is one of the best cell phone family plans 2021 that comes with two different sets of pricing. The first unlimited data plan offers four phone lines for $35 each, whereas the other scales up the pricing to $45 each. The only difference between the two is that the former reduces the video to the normal quality streaming at 480p, and the latter gives you 720p video streaming on devices. Verizon comes with a robust LTE network and perks like Disney+ membership, regardless of your select plan.

Boost Mobile
If a couple is looking for a cellphone plan, this can be their best bet. Boost Mobile plans start at $60 a month and $100 for two lines. The plan offers unlimited talk time with 35GB of LTE data. It also offers HD streaming and 30 gigabytes of monthly hotspot mobile data.

Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plan
This is also among the best cell phone family plans 2021 with a nationwide 5G network coverage. Cricket Wireless plans provide great value for money, offering four lines for $100 per month. This is incredibly cheaper than any other family cell phone plan on the list. The only catch here is that data speeds are limited to 8Mbps.

These are some of the best cell phone family plans for 2021. You can select the best one depending on the Internet requirements of your family.

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5 best family cell phone plans for 2021