Brief overview of the Dell Chrome Book 11’s features

The Dell Chromebook 11 is easy to use, it boots up in seconds, and is available with functional Google apps. The laptop has multiple layers of security, and it keeps the device free from viruses and malware. The updates of the laptop’s operating system happen automatically. The user is not required to purchase or install the upgrades manually. The Chrome system software and browser load web pages quickly. A high-density battery provides power up to seven hours at a stretch. Productivity is easy with the laptop device, and it offers easy creation, consumption, and collaboration of contents. The device allows the user to create or edit documents, edit videos or photos, and display productivity on email.

Features of the Dell Chrome Book 11

  • The device has a high-performance Intel Dual Core processor, and a long battery life makes it the most desired laptop for extensive use in schools, colleges, and offices.
  • The laptop has an optimized form factor with regards to height, screen size. It also has maximum portability.
  • There are more than one ways to connect the Dell chrome book 11, e.g., Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
The browser-based computing allows the consumers to sync with other Android-run mobile phones or tablet PCs.
  • The laptop drives may contain education solutions, and that can help the students to be successful. The laptop is ideal for the students. It helps schools to use the technology effectively and to enhance the productivity of the teacher and engages the students. The laptop can be used for IT planning, professional development of the teachers. It is useful to build a digital learning environment at schools.
  • Accessories of the Dell Laptop
    If you have invested in the Dell Chromebook 11, Dell XPS 15, or the newest 2017 Dell Inspiron, then you may require investing in the accessories. Some important accessories that you can use in this context are the Dell monitor and Dell projector solutions.

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    Brief overview of the Dell Chrome Book 11’s features