Pre-order iPhone 12 Pro variants with amazing accessories

Apple launched its latest model iPhone 12 Pro 5G, and phone enthusiasts cannot contain their bells and whistles. You can preorder it from October 16, 2020. Apart from a faster processor, better connectivity (hello 5G!), and improved cameras, the latest iPhone 12 Pro 5G returns with MagSafe accessories. Earlier, the company had scrapped the much-delayed technology called AirPower, stating that it did not live up to Apple’s “high standards.”

MagSafe charger

MagSafe technology uses a ring of magnets coiled around the wireless charging to make the MagSafe Chargers easy to attach or detach. The chargers power up to 15W, a clear upgrade over the previous 7.5W charging that accommodated Qi-enabled devices. According to its press note, there is also a MagSafe Duo Charger for iPhone and Apple watches but is presently not displayed on its official website. “Customers can also expect innovative MagSafe accessories from third-party manufacturers,” reads the press note as well. Belkin, the renowned electronics manufacturer that is building wireless charging for cars, could be one of the third-parties. It is priced at around $39 and hopefully will be available for preorder from October 16 too.

No additional headphones

The latest iPhone 12 Pro 5G and later models will no longer have headphones, jacks, or outlet adapters. Apple said this move was taken to reduce the environmental waste of plastic. The company would also earn more profit if iPhone customers bought products separately.

MagSafe phone cases

MagSafe accessories also include iPhone 12 Pro silicone cases, which come in eight gorgeous colors, including cyprus green, plum, deep navy, pink citrus, kumquat, back, red, and white. It has magnets on its rear side so that the MagSafe charger can easily slide into it. It is currently priced at $49 on its website. If you’re a fan of clear cases, there is one available for iPhone 12 Pro. It’s made of a combination of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials. It is scratch-resistant and won’t turn yellow over time. It is also priced the same as silicone cases. The iPhone leather wallet can be attached with MagSafe phone cases via magnets. It comes in four colors, including baltic blue, saddle brown, California poppy, and black. It’s perfect for storing IDs or credit cards, and it is priced at approximately $59.

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Pre-order iPhone 12 Pro variants with amazing accessories