Pro tips to keep in mind while buying a luggage set

If you are about to travel and need a good luggage set, you might wonder what factors to consider. The answer to this question is as simple as it depends on what you need your luggage for, do you have a lot to carry or do you need something more simple? All kinds of luggage sets including suitcases, carry-ons, etc., have a few common traits such as wheels, zipper, and handles, and the overall durability depends on how you care for and maintain the luggage sets after purchasing. It is mostly through the course of your travel and frequent trips that you will probably realize the value of your luggage sets. A costly luggage set does not necessarily mean that your luggage set will endure any amount of travels for time infinite.

There are some basic factors that you have to consider when buying luggage sets, and they are:

Durability depends on the zippers and the wheels
One of the things you cannot compromise on when you travel are the zippers of your bag. You have to choose between a chain zipper or a coil zipper.

The former one is the one that has two sets of interlocking teeth which is most commonly made of metal. The chain zipper is more durable as it cannot be broken into as easily as a coil zipper which is made of polyester. Take a closer look at your luggage set so you know you are picking the durable one for your trips.

Check the wheels
Wheels are considered the most common weak spots on luggage sets and you definitely don’t want one breaking or getting stuck when you travel. Check the wheels’ functionality when you purchase your luggage set and ensure that the wheel rotation is smooth. See how they are fastened as well since the one on rivets break easily while the ones fastened by screws are more durable with rough handling. Go for luggage sets that have 4-wheels because the 2-wheeled ones may sometimes not be able to withstand the weight.

Don’t forget the handle
A good handle is one that doesn’t rattle or wiggle when you pull your luggage sets. Get one that has handles retracting into the bag so as to avoid damage in transit.

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Pro tips to keep in mind while buying a luggage set