Things to consider when purchasing a probiotic for women

Health is indeed wealth. As human beings, it is our primary responsibility to keep ourselves healthy. But for women, there comes an added responsibility of taking care of her health which if ignored could lead to issues like urinary tract infections, vaginitis, vagitosis, vaginosis, yeast infections, etc.

Probiotic for women can help them keep their health in check along with supporting the health of the digestive system, immune system, and the brain. Different types of probiotics are available which may either be natural or synthetically prepared and be in the form of yogurt, oral supplements or a topical vaginal product. Although probiotic supplements are more commonly consumed by women having a history of women specific health issues, it can be consumed even by those without any problems to proactively prevent such health issues as these supplements do not have any side effects.

You might be spoilt for choices while buying a probiotic supplement. The quality of the product depends on the number of cultures, the strains, the quality of ingredients used in the preparation, and the types of health benefits.

A good quality supplement that is clinically-tested helps to contain the equilibrium of bacteria and pH, replaces essential flora, balances vaginal dryness and thereby supports to restore the overall feminine health. It is, therefore, important to consider a few things while buying a quality probiotic product. Here are a few things that you must take into account while buying probiotic for women.

  • Select a product that has multiple species of Lactobacillus bacteria rather than having just one. Although the acidophilus population is necessary for the human vagina, it cannot be of much help on its own. Hence, it is better to have a combination of acidophilus with GG,rhamnosus, reuteri, plantarum and Salvarius baterie.
  • Try a couple of products for small periods of time before you settle for one. This will give you enough time to check if your vagina can stay infection-free due to the supplement.
  • Practice use of vaginal moisturizers before and after intercourse. Consumption of antibiotics or spermicidal contraceptives can alter the vaginal pH. The acidic pH of a woman’s vagina will be affected by an alkaline pH of men’s semen due to a sexual intercourse. Using a vaginal moisturizer helps in balancing the vaginal pH.

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Things to consider when purchasing a probiotic for women