Reasons to keep the kitchen clean

Often people who try to maintain discipline and order of cleanliness in their entire house like bedrooms, bathrooms, or the dining table, forget about the space under the roof, which feeds every member in the house the kitchen. The ignorance of this fact leads to numerous problems that the person could not initially imagine. This article intends to highlight a few problems associated with a dirty kitchen and a few tips to maintain the order in the kitchen, as it is with the rest of the house.

Foodborne diseases
According to the US Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 76million reported cases of foodborne diseases each year. Viruses and bacteria causing foodborne diseases are spread by hand to food contact. A few viruses are listed here

Escherichia coli is found in uncooked meat and fish, which tend to cause the hemolytic uremic syndrome.
Contaminated utensils and kitchen gadgets also carry bacteria, which may easily lead to diarrhea.

Oil deposition
It is a commonly noticed fact that continuous cooking leads oil deposition on the ceiling, stoves, and lights in a very sticky form.

This makes the decorated kitchen look very ugly, and its foul has a repelling effect. The paint on the ceiling and the walls are completely transformed. The toxic components in the paint mix with oil turn the kitchen into a chemistry lab. Though specific kitchen cleaners are available in the market, getting rid of these oil marks is very daunting.

Garbage overflow
Most kitchens are caught with overflowing garbage bins as the garbage is not trashed regularly. Decaying garbage invites bacteria, viruses, and flies. These flies also lay eggs in various parts of the kitchen, which make this place totally unsanitary. It raises the probability of encountering with salmonella, which opens the gate for diseases like typhoid, fever, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, and other illnesses.

Wet sinks
Cleaning sinks with water are not enough because wet sinks can be very dangerous. It is because bacteria cell is 80 percent composed of water. Staph is a bacterium, which is generated on wet sinks and can cause Staph-related illnesses like food poisoning, wound infections, pneumonia, etc.

Unorganised kitchen
A dirty kitchen does not only imply a kitchen, which breeds bacteria and viruses, but it also includes a kitchen which is highly unorganized in fashion. Things not being where they commonly should be, or misplaced stuff, etc. bring inefficiency.

Keeping a kitchen clean
The following points enlighten the viewer with a few kitchen cleaning tips

Using non-toxic or eco-friendly kitchen cleaners is important to clean the surfaces and utensils after they are used. Non-toxic cleaners are necessary to avoid additional allergies like skin rashes.
Greasy walls and cupboards can be cleaned with lemon, vinegar, detergents, etc. These ingredients, mixed in the correct proportion, make it a lot easier to clean the oil depositions from the ceilings and other areas.
Regularly trashing the garbage is essential, and packing the garbage properly, if in case the garbage could not be thrown, is important.
Organization of all the containers, lighters, and spoons is highly recommended.

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Reasons to keep the kitchen clean