Selecting the right lift chairs for seniors

Typically speaking, the lift chairs are used to move from one location to another easier or get in and out of a chair without difficulty. These chairs are ideal for the elderly individuals or for people whose mobility has been temporarily or permanently damaged due to a disability or injury. There are various versions of these chairs available in the market and choosing the right one based on your need may seem to be a little overwhelming. Here is some basic information on the different types of lift chairs. Find out the ideal one for you or your loved one.

Different types of lift chairs
Also known as lift recliners, the lift chairs are designed for the elderly. These chairs have the option to raise, lower, or tilt the seat to make it easy for the user to get in or out of the chair. On a basic level, these chairs are very similar to the traditional recliner chairs. Here are three types of these chairs based on the lift ability – 2-position chair, 3-position chair, and the infinite chair.

2-position chair: The lift chair with a 2-position system is one that can recline to up to a 45-degree angle. The name of this type of lift chair does not indicate that the chair can be reclined and used only at two positions, but it implies that it can be reclined at any position between the straight position and 45-degree angle position. This chair is ideal for those who like to spend their leisure time watching TV.

3-position chair: This chair can recline flat up to a 90-degree angle. These lift chairs are perfect for people who tend to take naps occasionally. Also, like the 2-position chair, this type of chair can be reclined at various positions up to 90-degree.

Infinite chair: The infinite lift chairs are similar to the 3-position chairs with the added functionality of moving the foot rest of the chair independently. The chair has a separate motor to operate the foot rest individually, and it can be placed in a convenient position with ease.

Lift chairs can offer various other benefits such as heat massage with right or left-hand controls along with other features that add to the convenience of the user. There are also electric variants of these chairs that are far more convenient to use.

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Selecting the right lift chairs for seniors