Tips on cleaning old furniture

Reusing old furniture as if it were new is not easy. But recycling used furniture can not only save money but can also add a touch of old style and charm to your home. Listed below are a few tips that can transform an old unused piece of furniture into something modern, trendy and stylish.

Keep it jazzed up
Mop or wipe your furniture frequently. Letting dust and dirt accumulate on furniture makes it look not only dirty but can also spoil the appearance of pieces especially those of antiques or furniture which have carvings. It is often difficult to clean used furniture as it requires special and delicate care. A vinegar solution could help in making your furniture look bright and clean. This will work well on old wooden furniture such as tables, wardrobes, chairs, etc.

Keep it free from stains
Stains can ruin the look of any furniture be it used furniture or new. Different furniture require different treatments depending on the material that is used to make them. Stains too are different depending on the product or solution that has caused the stain such as those caused by coffee, tea, grease, ink and so on.

Some stains are very stubborn and cannot be easily wiped out and would require a bit more work. For getting rid of such stubborn stains try cleaning the affected area with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. This technique is quite effective in removing stains from leather furniture as well.

Make your furniture odor-free
Odorless furniture gives the room a cleaner feel. You can ensure your used furniture looks and smells as pleasant as new by using a few simple techniques. Wiping or rubbing your furniture with a light fabric dipped in a solution of fresh lemon juice and water would not only give the furniture a polished and shiny look but would also give it a fresh smell.

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Tips on cleaning old furniture