Top causes of swollen feet and ankles

The cause of swollen feet and ankles cannot be restricted to a certain type of disease or symptom. Although it is a prevalent condition, it is not defined by one single reason. The cause of swollen feet and ankles is majorly because of, either a condition of fluid retention in the body or a condition of edema. Some of the top causes of swollen feet and ankles include injuries, blood clots, pregnancy complications and medication/drug side effects. Let us have a look at these causes in detail below:

  • Pregnancy complications:

It is quite clear that pregnancy adds a certain amount of weight to your existing body weight. This excess weight adds to the pressure on your legs; hence, there could be a case of swollen legs and ankles, and even the feet. A sudden swelling although is not common and could lead to preeclampsia, you must consult a doctor in such a case.

  • An injury to the ankle:

Any part of your body that is sprained, hurt or injured swells a little or a lot depending upon the intensity of the injury.

The same goes for your ankles; if you manage to hurt your ankle, it could lead to the occurrence of a swelling on your ankle. The most common injury, in this case, is the spraining of an ankle.

  • Blood clots:

Blood clots are formed when there is an improper flow of blood through your veins. In any case, if a vein is unable to allow a smooth blood flow it leads to a blood clot. If there is a blood clot in your leg, it will stop the flow of the blood back to the heart, subsequently resulting in a swelling of your feet or the ankle. You must consult a doctor in such a case and get the necessary medical help.

  • Medication/drug side effects:

Medications and drugs are often used to recover from a disease, but they also have several side effects which can affect the body negatively. One of these side effects is swelling of the ankles or feet, here is a list of drugs that might cause swollen feet and ankles as a side effect:

  • Hormonal medication
  • Medication that blocks the calcium channels; generally, a drug that includes nifedipine.
  • Steroids that include corticosteroids, like prednisone, as well as androgenic and anabolic steroids.
  • Diabetes medication
  • Antidepressants

In any case, consulting a doctor is always advised. You must get the best possible help for your condition!

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Top causes of swollen feet and ankles