Ways to get diagnosed for HIV

Symptoms of HIV are not easily detected and may not show themselves for a long time. By the time they show themselves the problem becomes grave. So it is always better to perform an HIV test. People who have unprotected sex from time to time, wand with new partners or with those whom they don’t know, should always get themselves tested. Or if you had recently shared a syringe with someone else, then you must get yourself tested for safety reasons.

Where should you go for a diagnosis?
Some people feel awkward about asking for an HIV test. But you don’t have to be as it is like any other ailment. There are many places, which do offer HIV diagnosis. Some of them are sexual health clinics, GP surgeries, private clinics, contraception clinics and antenatal clinics.

What are the various types of HIV tests?
HIV tests are primarily of four different types that have been listed below.

Full blood test: Here a blood test is done in which your blood is taken and then a laboratory examination is done to give you the results.

The results are given almost after a day or two.

Point of care test: In the point of care test, only a little amount of saliva is taken from your mouth. Sometimes even blood is taken by a small prick on your finger. Then the sample is examined in the clinic itself. The main thing is that you don’t have to wait for the results. The results will be given to you within a few minutes.

Home-sampling kit: If you do not want to physically visit the clinic, then you can opt for a home-sampling kit. In this test, you are just required to collect your own sample of saliva or blood and then post it to the clinic. They will process the sample in a laboratory and will call you or send you the result by post.

Home-testing kit: The home-testing kit allows you to test your sample at home. Collect a sample of your saliva and blood and with the help of the kit. You will get the results instantly. But before buying such kits, be sure about their authenticity. There are several poor quality kits that are available at a cheaper price, but they do not give you accurate results. So, to get accurate results, always buy the ones that have a certified mark and is from a licensed company.

The most accurate test from all the above mentioned ones is the full blood test. It generally gives a proper result even after a month of infection. The others tests may not always give you the most accurate results. If your HIV test is positive, you will be advised to visit an HIV clinic where you will have to undergo further more tests to completely ensure that you have got HIV, consequently following it up with proper treatments.

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Ways to get diagnosed for HIV